2018 Intentions Starting with Relationships

Real talk. Every new year I “take stock” of what or who is working in my life and who or what is not. Obviously my life has had some major changes over the last year. As we, or I, change naturally it’s causes a ripple effect especially in the nature of relationships. Some ripples are felt sooner than others, like when I got pregnant some friendships dwindled or became nonexistent and others started to grow. Since Ari arrived (our baby boy was born Nov. 28th) I have noticed the same pattern just more evident. Before I continue, I admit I’m not a perfect person and I have failed as a friend but I am damn loyal and will always try to keep my word and follow through, sometimes to a fault, expecting the same from others- well not anymore.


I’ve taken a good look at my relationships (family included) of who comes through and who does not? The way I see it, my time is way to precious to waste on people who failed to reciprocate the level of loyalty and friendship that I feel I have given.  Time is currency that you don’t get back. It’s the most precious real estate we have. So no more half-steppin’ friendships. No more holding or wasting space or time on empty ain-t-no-half-stepping-t-shirtsfriendships/relationships. It’s just not happenin’. I’ve given this ALOT of thought (and shed some tears) and I say with a big-ass-open-heart that this is necessary if I want to cultivate and grow deeper relationships. I say all that because as hard as it is to admit sometimes we grow apart from people and major life changes make that more appartent. Letting go and grieving the space that they held is important but it’s much more important to honor yourself/MYSELF and what is working and what/who is NOT working.

With that said, my intentions for 2018 are “keep it simple” and “self care” – and relationships just so happen to be the jump off point. No more “it’s complicated” status with anyone (family included)- I ain’t got time for it. So while I’ve been m.i.a in the baby vortex that doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing the work. “The work” means so much more NOW more than ever. I write these words in acceptance, for a while I felt hurt and sad and had to work through it. I realize that I need to take a deeper responsibility for who I choose to allow in my life space. I’m deeply grateful and exited for the relationships that I have in my life, and appreciate those that reached out and showed up at my most vulnerable. I look forward to making memories, creating epic dope shit and sharing life with them❤️ so with all that said my 2018 is all about doing what works for me, keeping it simple and centered in self-care.  So that’s brief update on where I am at…how about you good people?

img-thingHow are you doing with your New Years goals, resolutions and intentions? Have you put consistent action to words? Are you honoring your highest self by being honest about how you treat yourself (which includes how you allow others to treat you)? Have you allowed half-ass efforts, words, promises take up space and time in your life? Do you need to take stock and then clean house? Well, get to it because your time is a chunk of your life that you never get back- use it wisely…

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Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.

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