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Mindful Running by Mackenzie L. Havey

Dr. Petruzzelli’s interview is featured on pages 134-136 in the book “The Champion’s Comeback: How Great Athlete’s Recover, Reflect, and Re-Ignite” by Jim Afremow, Ph.D.


Run the Edge: DNF the DNF: Do Not Fear the Did Not Finish

Run The Edge: 5 Major Roadblocks to Starting a New Fitness Journey by Dr. Petruzzelli 


Ironman.Com “Crush Your A-Race with These 5 Mental Strategies” by Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli 

Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in Men’s Fitness.Com “How Working-Out Can Help You Kick Bad Habits”

Dr. Petruzzelli is quoted in Runnersworld.com “This is Why Runners Cling to Their Race-Day Superstitions” 

Dr. Petruzzelli is quoted in RunnerWorld.com “The Rise of Run Rage”

Dr. Petruzzelli is featured MensFitness.com “7 Signs You’re Addicted To Working Out.”

Dr. Petruzzelli is quoted in MensFitness.com “The Scientific Reason Exercise and Meditation Make You Happier.”

Dr. Petruzzelli is featured with Marni Sumbal, Sport R.D. on Ironman.com in article How to Dodge a Race-Day Curveball.

Dr. Petruzzelli is featured on MensFitness.Com in 8 Ways To Beat Pre-Race (or Event) Anxiety.

Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in “7 Workouts Made for Introverts” on Fitnessmagazine.com January 2015

Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in “5 Workouts Made for Extroverts” on Fitnessmagazine.com January 2015.

Dr. Petruzzelli featured on blog post by Triathlete Lawyer Ken: Why You Should Hire A Sport Psychologist by TriathleteLawyerKen

Dr. Petruzzelli is interviewed about the psychological techniques she uses during triathlon races, by Dr. Jim Afremow, a sport psychology specialist and author of The Champion’s Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train and Thrive (Rodale, January 2014.).


November 2016 Issue Women’s Health Magazine “DNA Made me Do It” by Lesley Rotchford

October 2016 Issue of Triathlete Magazine “When Triathlon Becomes an Unhealthy Obsession” by Mackenzie Lobby Havey.

July 2016 Issue of SHAPE Magazine.  Dr. Petruzzelli is featured on pg. 188-191 “Inner-strength training” article by Lesley Rotchford

The State Hornet Issue 27, Volume 70 “Athletes Battle Mental Health Stigma”

October 2015 Issue of Triathlete Magazine: KONA Edition. Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in the article “Jog Your Memory” by Mackenzie Lobby Havey.

March 2015 Issue of SHAPE Magazine . Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in “Hang On To Post-Trip Bliss”

September 2014 Issue of Runner’s World. Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in Mind+Body “Stress Recess” for tips on managing negative emotions during your run.

Hussy Magazine Issue 2 Dr. Petruzzelli is featured in “Pushing Past Mental Limits” by Brenda Jacobs (DrGInterviewforHussyMagazineWinter14Mobile)



Dr. Petruzzelli had the opportunity to discuss psychological aspects of SpiderTech Tape during the 2013 Ironman World Championships in Kona, HI