Mental Toughness Comes From Doing The Work

“Mental toughness is going out to train when your inner self screams not to: it is frigid outside, it is 100 degrees, you are tired, your muscles ache, and it’s too early in the morning or too late at night. You work through these urges to skip the workout and go out there and just smash it. Then you know when race day comes along, you have pushed the limit so when the race heats up you can squeeze out that extra little bit because you have done it before.” -Joanna Zeiger Ph.D, 2008 70.3 World Champion

If you’ve done the work then there is no reason to believe that you “can’t,” “won’t,” or allow excuses to keep you from performing at your most excellent level. You gain confidence from preparation. Preparation allows you to anticipate, anticipation leads to  readiness, and readiness= anticipation with confidence. No one knows this better than you because YOU DID THE WORK. You know yourself best. Not the person next to you in transition, not the person “appearing” to swim faster than you, behind, or next to you, not the person that “appears” to he ahead of you or next to you on the bike, and not the person that “seems” to be running faster than you, next to you, or behind you. No one knows all you have have done. No one knows how hard you have worked. No one knows all the pain, sweat, tears, and time you’ve put into being excellent. No one knows ALL that you are capable of….until you show them. Be excellent. Be tough. Be great!

Good Luck to all my peeps racing Granite Bay Triathlon, Ironman Branson 70.3, Leadman 250, and XTerra National Championships! Win your race, at your pace!

Keep reaching for your peak and I will see you at the top!

Published by

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.

One thought on “Mental Toughness Comes From Doing The Work

  1. Plan to Win, Prepare to Win, Expect to Win – Zig Ziglar from his dynamite book, Born to Win. Your post was awesome. I feel inspired to run a race one day! Thank you for words, and more important, your example!

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