The Individual Athlete Program is a personalized approach working directly with Dr. Petruzzelli to meet your specific mental performance  and lifestyle needs.

  • What is Sport Psychology Consulting and what does Dr. Petruzzelli provide?

Sport Psychology consulting is an interactive approach to improving your sport performance that incorporates psychological techniques and skills to apply in sport performance situations. Dr. Petruzzelli will provide a personalized one-on-one mental skills training program via telehealth/Zoom. She will help you set and prioritize goals, and identify everyday changes that would be both effective and doable aimed at long-lasting positive changes. In order for Dr. Petruzzelli to decide on the best approach and goals to be accomplished she will set-up an initial consultation. During the consultation, you will talk more in depth about the challenges you are facing and the factors affecting your experiences in your sport. By the end, you will have a good idea of a starting point and goals to target.

  • Sport Psychology Consulting/ Mental skills training is not psychotherapy.

Consulting with your sport psychologist is not just pleasant conversation. It is not about giving you the answers or the “magic formula”. The goal of a sport psychologist is to facilitate deep learning and lasting change, and that is something you must focus on. The relationship between an athlete and sport psychologist is unique in that you will always have someone rooting for you and challenging you to be the best athlete and person you can be. However, our relationship is confidential. In order to build a relationship and a space of trust and honesty confidentiality is a must.  Confidentiality is key to building a trusting, safe, and supportive relationship. Therefore, Dr. Petruzzelli will never disclose to anyone or any entity whom she  works with. If she does it is done with the utmost respect AND consent of that athlete.

  • What are the Dr.Petruzzelli’s responsibilities?

Dr. Petruzzelli will assess your readiness to change and gauge whether sport psychology services is the appropriate vehicle for your presenting concerns. Dr. Petruzzelli will be respectful of your beliefs and values, and work to establish an environment of trust. Dr. Petruzzelli will ask powerful, sometimes challenging, and relevant questions and help you to overcome the barriers that have kept you from achieving your ideal sport performance goals. Dr. Petruzzelli will be punctual and responsive throughout your program. When working you, if Dr. Petruzzelli recognizes that there are issues she may not be capable of addressing she will refer you to other qualified resources.

  • What are Dr. Petruzzelli’s limitations?

It is not Dr. Petruzzelli’s role to make people change, be it you or someone who may be affecting you. Dr. Petruzzelli can make recommendations and provide guidance, but coaching requires active participation and effort on your part to affect change.

Dr. Petruzzelli typically can accommodate athletes schedules, thus requiring 48 hours advance notice when scheduling regular one-on-one sessions. However, for pre-competition check-ins it is imperative that the athlete consider that short notice may limit availability of Dr. Petruzzelli.

  • What are your responsibilities?

Your responsibilities are similar to any other coaching relationship you have or may have had. Communication is key! Your program is most likely to produce positive results if you are willing to look at your own behavior, are honest, and are willing to follow through with the goals discussed during sessions. You must be ready to invest the time to make change and must to do the work to obtain the results you want. You must understand that setbacks are normal on the path of change. You must be willing to share personal information that is relevant to your performance goals. The goal is that you have a positive and helpful experience so providing feedback of what is working or what is not working is highly encouraged. Dr.Petruzzelli values your confidence and courage to continue to pursue higher levels of sport excellence.

  • The Individual Athlete Program is $450 per month and includes:
  • Personalized program designed to help you make specific sport performance changes.
  • 4 sessions per month
  • Unlimited e-mail access.
  • Pre/post competition phone or text message check-in (schedule permitting).
  • Two coach/trainer consultation per month (optional)

If you are interested in an Individual Athlete Program please email Dr. Petruzzelli at