“Taking Stock” October 2016

When I get caught up in the business of life I tend to gravitate toward this practice I call “taking stock.” I get the urge every so often to bust out my journal, create headings which reflect the important “domains” in my life and get to work checking in with myself. I’m feeling the need to do that today and figured I would share it with you.

Businesses literally “take stock” or inventory of their goods and I think it’s just as important that we take stock/inventory of our lives. According to Wikipedia Inventory or stock refers to the goods and materials that a business holds for the ultimate purpose of resale…” Wow, can you see how this applies to life!?

Ask yourself “What is the mental, emotional, time and physical inventory that I am giving my energy to? Is it of purpose? Remember stock/inventory has the ultimate purpose of “resale.” Once you have gained that thing and it becomes inventory in your life, do you intend to offer it out to the world? Beautiful people, I encourage you to take stock of your life. Give yourself a hour or so this week, get a piece of paper and start writing.

Here I go…



  • I am blessed with a solid inner circle of people I can trust. While small, it is mighty stock in my life. Many of my peeps don’t live close but I know they are there when I need them to give me honest feedback and love. I also appreciate the shorter-lived relationships that remind me that we are all human on our own souls journey. That does not mean we always need to stay on each others path, I honor you too.
  • I was so lucky that this month when my old college roommate from EMU 16 years ago visited Cali and we got to meet up for an evening in San Francisco. This woman, Liz,  is an international yoga teacher and my first OG spiritual Guru. She helped me “wake up” the year we were roommates. I will forever honor her light. Big things to come from us in the future!
  • Family – I wish I was closer and my heart often gets sad knowing they are so far in Michigan. We talk and text often but nothing compares to having them close to snuggle or laugh with. I need to see them soon. I need more stock.
  • My hubby- always having my back supporting me in my crazy endeavors. He sometimes (reluctantly at first) joins me in these crazy ideas…he even did Crossfit with me:) Life is not perfect but we have in these short 6 years went through the fire together and have remained strong. Love this man with all my soul.

Spiritual/Mental/ Emotional Health 

  • Investing in this stock is how I know I am most connected with my authentic self. Nurturing stock in this area of my life is a must. Having a strong spiritual muscle allows me to withstand the challenges life brings. My personal daily practice consists of readings (spiritual and inspirational from books, blogs, etc.), listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos that keep my stock in check!
  • Today, I am going off the grid for another 3-day silent meditation retreat at Ananda in Nevada City, CA. This will be just what I need to do a deeper check in with my spirit. Silent retreats allow me to take a deep a honest inventory of my stock. I’m ready.
  • I have continued my yoga practice and I love it! It really is my therapy and I experience so many emotional and mental benefits. I have finally found a yoga studio in Midtown Sac that feels like home for me. Yesterday during class, the teacher had a shirt on that said “Love The Shit Out of Yourself” yep my kind of studio!
  • I continue my meditation practice, but if I’m being honest, this stock has not been as consistent as I need it to be. I know deep down that I booked the retreat because my spirit recognizes that I need to invest more stock in this area. I need to get back to my structured practice. The good thing is that I have started going to group meditation at SRF and feel it is the piece that I have long needed. “Where two or more agree in my name so shall it be done..”
Hanuman statue @ Ananda Meditation Retreat 2014

Body/Physical Health

  • I ran the Urban Cow Half-Marathon early this month to reignite my passion for racing. Man, It was amazing being back out there turning my legs over crushing the pavement! It felt so good! My main goal was to keep an honest pace for myself because for the last three months I have been doing Crossfit and only running 1x a week. I manage to run a 1:39:08 and 7th AG of 330! Freakin awesome!
  • I am learning to balance what is right for me and my body. I am also learning to embrace that I like to try different things every so often. It the curious adventurous part of who I am:) In the last two years since I took a break from structured triathlon training I have done some amazing things! I raced trail races all over California (Mt. Shasta, Santa Cruz, Marin Headlands/SF, Auburn)  and finished a 50 miler last December; I raced Hawaii 70. 3 and had such a beautiful time there with no expectations on the outcome; I started Crossfit and learned how to powerlift with proper forum and push myself to do things that were totally out of my comfort zone. While I will not continue with Crossfit due to resuming tri training, I’m glad I did it. It showed me that I still have the courage to be a beginner and newbie in unknown territory.
  • Since the Urban Cow I am excited to get back to tri racing and training. Of course my husband and I will be coached by TriMarni Coaching and Nutrition 😉 We love them and they know how to do it right! Marni and Karel are mindful of each individual athlete’s needs and give 100 to each person they work. They truly care about us as people and friends, not just an athletes. In taking stock, Marni and Karel bring so much value to my and my hubby’s life.13336099_10156925773675317_788618255446572185_n

I shared this practice with you because at the end of the day we must have a mechanism to know how to do it better for the next. Some system that allows us to check-in with ourselves. If not, we can get caught up in the external things of life and it is a dangerous thing when we allow the external to determine the internal.

Remember none of this means anything if it is not used in some way to help, support, guide, inspire, teach and/or motivate others. That (YOU) IS the reason I continue this blog. Not because I think I have all the answers or I am try to sell you on something, but because I believe we are all going through it, and sometimes we need to know someone else gets it. More than you know beautiful people I get it, I’ve been there and done that. So never give up. Take stock and then wake up the next day to do it better for yourself and those that need to see you succeed- I know I am watching and waiting to see you succeed.  I waiting to see you in all your victory because your victory is a manifestation of a journey, one that I know you are working so hard on.

Keep shining beautiful people…I got you!
Dr. G


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Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.