Race Reflection Big Basin Ultra 50K

It’s really hard to put into the words the last few weeks…I “ran” my first 50k, celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary, and completed my initial training to be a certified mindfulness teacher (more on that in the next post)! All these wonderful changes in life are why I have been MIA from my blog lately.11781664_10155811246040317_6936760580104311177_n

But I’m back and to share some reflections on my latest race…

Oh. My. Goodness. 50 k’s are no joke especially when there is 4500+ ft of overall elevation gain! However, it was a great learning lesson for my ego and a reminder to stay focused on my own race (which I tell athletes all the time) and to SLOW DOWN. I really went out too fast and ended up paying for it in the last 10 miles. It’s been a while since I have been broken down during a race. Moments, or should I say miles, like these are opportunities and big ass lessons in being aware and training your mind and emotions for the unexperienced. I can honestly tell you I did not handle it very well or as well as I would expect (thank you beginners mind) BUT I know I handled it in a way that allowed me to learn some new and not so pretty aspects of myself in the face of unknown challenges and adversity. I knew that in those last ten miles where I was possibly so dehydrated that tears could not come out of my eyes and met a multitude of changing emotions- from hope, to disappointment, to courage, to fear, to joy- I knew eventually it will pass, like any emotion or any experience in life. No matter how “bad” and “good” it became, it was all temporary. It served as a great reminder to me that even when we feel like are not being strong we actually are by virtue of enduring, in sport and in life. In the end I finished my at the beautiful ocean front of Santa Cruz! I finished in 6 hours and 45 minutes and 8th in my AG (30-39). This was a great training race leading up to my 50 miler this December.


Trail running has been such a new learning experience. I tell people I’m still a “newbie” and they don’t believe that someone whom could race Ironman’s would consider herself a newbie, but I do, and this race reinforced that for me. I respect the distance and the terrain and to do it well you must must must be patient in mind and body. Patience has always been a life long lesson for me, ever since I was young I knew it was my lot in life to learn how to be patient. What better way then to learn it in life on the trails?!

So beautiful people when you meet the unexpected breakdowns in life, or sport, remember that it’s all temporary and in the big picture of life it’s all “material” and information to improve yourself, if you choose to see it that way. We never become stronger, faster, wiser, or smarter without learning the hard lessons that shape us to be so.

Mucho love and keep shining!

Dr. G


Some pics of my Big Basin Ultra 50k experience!



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