Kona Mental Skills Tips Compiled

Marni and I on our way to the Underpants Run

I can’t believe it was almost a year ago that I was Kona, Hawaii with my BFF and coach Marni Sumbal of Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition ! Marni fiercely raced in her 3rd Ironman World Championship and she’ll do it again for a 4th time with her hubster, Karel in 2015 Ironman World Championships…so exciting!

During the week Marni and I soaked up the vibes, made awesome memories, and kicked out a good many blog posts. Our goal in many of our posts was to help athletes maximize their experience while keeping their focus positive during race week.

If you are an athlete racing Kona I would encourage you to go to Marni’s blog at http://trimarni.blogspot.com/ and do a search on “Kona” and “Ironman World Championships.” There is a wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical information that Marni has posted throughout the years from her races in Kona. You will not regret doing this mental prep work before going to the Big Island.

Below are the posts that I created during the week that focused on staying mentally focused and keeping perspective during the week. There is so much good energy in Kona but also so much anxious nervous energy (duh obviously it’s the World Champions right) so being aware of the environment and people you are around is very important as well as being able to figure out how to manage it. I hope these help keep you encouraged and positive. Congrats to all the athletes that have and will race on the Big Island this year and the years to come at the Ironman World Championships!


Best view in Kona!
Best view in Kona from our condo!
The calm before the storm. Absolutely amazing!
The calm before the storm. Absolutely amazing!

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