Keep the Focus: 6 Quotes to Live By in Life and Sport

It’s 11 weeks out from Ironman Texas and training (and rest, and recovery) has once again taken a priority in our (mine and my husband’s) life, and thus my hiatus in blog posting. It’s a good thing. Ironman training is something I (we) choose but it is not without its sacrifices. Even if you are not an ironman athlete, I know that you can relate if you had a goal in mind so much so that your everyday life revolved around it, and doing it with excellence. With that being said here are some quotes and messages that have helped me cope on a daily basis:


1) Sometimes this type of dedication and commitment is something not everyone will understand or “get.” I have come to accept that I don’t need everyone to “get it” as long as I get it. This is something I must remind myself of everyday. That I chose this. I’m choosing to do what I love and this does not need anyone’s approval and validation.

So, do it for yourself and no one else. If you don’t already have a strong sense of self-validation ironman training will certainly help you develop it. Own your ability to decide how you want to define yourself. The more you do it the stronger you get. The stronger you get, the less you need others validation or “approval.” Being free from the need to have permission or approval from others is freedom!


2) I love the above message because it reminds me that I have never ever evvvver required to shrink or minimize myself or my accomplishments for the sake of others, or for fear they might not “get it.” So when co-workers, friends, or others ask me what I did over the weekend I’ll be 100% honest and tell them “I rode 2-3 hrs and ran 12 miles” without fearing their judgment or without me minimizing myself by saying “oh I ran and rode my bike around town.” Once again it’s self validation, not arrogance, not being conceded, it’s honoring my full self.


3) On a daily basis I dedicate myself and my body to something that pushes my mental, physical, and emotional limits. This is not always easy, but like they say “if it were easy everyone would or could do it” and the truth is not everyone does. I know myself and I know my “average” but I want to be more than average for myself, for others, and for all those that I work with. Sport is no different. I don’t care what anyone says. YOU (and I) were not created to be average! However we can get into a pattern of “thinking” and “believing” ourselves down to average. Get out of that mental trap by affirming and verbalizing “I am uniquely created, divine, and created for a powerful purpose. I am far above average!” You have the power to change your mental pattern…use the power or stay average.


4) The above quote is something I live by. That I need to remind myself of daily. Words without action are useless. One of my personal saying is “Dream but don’t sleep,” meaning anyone can want, desire, or hope for something, but it’s its another thing to have faith, work, work more, work harder, and do what is necessary to make your dream come true.

It’s a universal law that you get out of life what you put in. Hustle hard and work for it because success is always sweeter when you arrive. Never lose faith. Dreams do come true. Own it!


5) It’s the moments when it’s cold, dark, sweaty, hot, or alone where true results and my success are made. I constantly remind myself that it is paying off, right here right now and in this moment. It is the very doing of it that has already made it a success.

So remember. Hard work, integrity, and consistent right action will always reap success. You never have to justify or lower yourself to people who don’t get. If they don’t get it, it’s because they are not on your level, so don’t waste your time. Just. Keep. Doing. The. Work.


6) This saying from the Gospel of Thomas has always been close to my heart. It is the essence of my mantra “Be true to myself”. It reminds me that I was created with a dream, gift and purpose in this life. If I honor it, life and God will be able to work with me to bring forth the best for others and myself, but if I am not true to myself and betray my gifts (and dreams) then I will be miserable. Recognize that you were created with gifts and a purpose, but it is your choice to honor them and bring them out in the light. Be true to yourself. Honor the dream that God put in your heart, honor the beauty, passion, and gifts that were uniquely created in you. It truly will save you. It saved me from a past of self destructive patterns and now on the flip side is helping me translate all that energy, desire, and focus into inspiring others.

So awesome people, to sum it up:

  • Own your decisions and love them. No one else needs to, but YOU!
  • Never dim or dull your light, because others might judge or feel inferior. Shine shine and shine on!
  • Realize that you were created to be far above average. Affirm and believe in your unique gifts and talents.
  • Be willing to put actions behind your dreams. Be willing to hustle hard, be willing to humble yourself to hard work, and be willing to what is needed the small and the large actions.
  • Keep doing the work, even when no one is looking. Even when no one is around to pat you on the back or give you a high-five.
  • Honor your dream. It was put in your heart for a reason. Be true to yourself, and to that which God put in you.

Shine on beautiful people and have a great week!

Dr. G

Hi from rainy California. Frida and I this past weekend.
Hi from rainy California. Frida and I this past weekend.


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Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.

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