Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it…


Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it…

You wonder if all the sweat, blood, and tears are worth it.

You wonder if all the 5 AM wake up calls are worth it.

You wonder if sacrificing your weekends, social life and, sometimes, the time spent away from family and friends is worth it.

You wonder if all the time and money put into it is worth it.

You wonder if the emotional up and downs are worth it.

You wonder if the body aches, pains, and pushing is worth it.

Then…..this happens….

Thank you Karen, Tony, and Maya for sharing this with me. It is truly and honor to be Maya’s hero!

This picture was posted by our friends Karen and Tony from the Chico Triathlon Club. This is their daughter Maya. Maya presented her “Star Student” board at school and guess who is in the “My Hero” box?! Me!!! I could not believe my eyes! I can truly say that this is a bigger honor and more special than any medal, finish line, podium, or finishing time. This is why it is worth it.

This post was both timely and, honestly, the answer to my prayer. It was just last night that I got home from work and I was telling my husband Ken, “Sometimes I wonder what the point of it all is. Why do I do this and put myself through all of this? Triathlon can be so self-fish sometimes, so self-involved. What is the point?” It was only a couple hours after conversation that Tony posted this picture of his daughter with Maya…the answer was clear 🙂

I truly believe it was God telling me that what I do matters more than I know. It was God encouraging me to keep going in all aspects of my life. You see, I am naturally driven person and I have come so far but it was not without a lot of hard work and sacrifice. For me to put so much into something has to have meaning in my life. However, I am human and I have my days, moments, and even weeks when I question, doubt, and feel discouraged about giving so much time, energy, and resources to something like Ironman. Doing it just for time, place, or ego is too empty a reason for me, those things are transient.  I try to live my life and give my time to things that are in line with my values and have a purpose- like empowering others.  This is not always an easy process but we are not without the answers we need, when we seek them. So I’m truly thankful and blessed for this answer!

This is an ongoing life lesson for me- especially in triathlon and sports. Not letting anything outside of me (like outcomes, results, comparisons, or judgements) determine my worth or not letting it disturb my peace and purpose. My bliss is knowing that what I do matters and helps inspire, empower, and motivate others to dream big and never give up. Thank you Maya for reminding me of that!

By the way, Maya is an exceptional triathlete at such a young age. When we race here in Sacramento we often run into the whole family, and all of them are right on the podium:) I believe when Maya is my age and if she decides to still race triathlon, she will far exceed any race performance I have done. She is my inspiration too! I am dedicating my Ironman Texas 2014 race to her!

I was so thrilled to share this with you all! It’s a wonderful and blessed reminder that the answers we seek are always around us and ready. I truly believe that if we live according to our values and with purpose then nothing is lost, despite feeling like it sometimes. Never give up. Never stop seeking. Because you never know whom you are making a difference too.

Shine on you wonderful people and be your best!

Dr. G

BTW we 5 weeks into IM training and in a recovery week. Sometimes recovery weeks bring up all kinds of sensations and feelings. Don’t worry…this too shall pass and I am learning to ride the wave with faith:)

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Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

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