Water Off a Ducks Back

“That’s my gift. I let that negativity roll off me like water off a duck’s back. If it’s not positive, I didn’t hear it. If you can overcome that, fights are easy.” -George Foreman
I love this quote by George Foreman. It reminds me of the blog post I wrote around this time last year,Developing a Teflon Mind in Tough Race Conditions“. How amazing would it be if we allowed the irritating, stressing, and negative, people, things, and situations roll off of us like a duck in water?! How awesome would it be to remind ourselves that it’s all temporary and life, just like nature, has an order and a flow, AND that nothing lasts forever…not even the drama  baby:) How amazing would you feel if you reminded yourself that where are you today in life is not where you were this time last year for better or worse?! How badazz would you feel if you truly believed that you CAN control what sticks to you and what rolls off?!  Well…GO FOR IT! Just for one day pretend to be this beautiful duck in water and allow the drama, the BS, the negativity roll off you. Do your thing and keep moving in YOUR FLOW. YOU ARE too wonderful, too great, too beautiful to allow anything to stick to you that does not serve your highest good! So go ahead with your bad self and let it roll baby and….Shine on my beautiful people!
Just let it slide baby...you'll be alright.
Just let it slide baby…you’ll be alright.

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Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.

2 thoughts on “Water Off a Ducks Back

  1. Thank you so much for this empowering message: I really need to let things slide off me, like water off a duck’s back!

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