Due to COVID-19 Dr. Petruzzelli only offers confidential online consultation and teletherapy.

Dr. Petruzzelli specializes in elite performance, quality of life, sport psychology, athlete mental health, relationship issues, mindfulness and meditation, spirituality, transition from sport and anxiety management. At this time Dr. Petruzzelli only works with adults (18 years+).


One-time Consultation $125

This one-time consultation service is designed for people who are not ready for on-going therapy but need a one-time solution focused consultation service. You will receive guidance and advice about your specifically defined needs and concern.

Group Talks/Presentations $ TBD

Customized requests to present to teams, clubs and/or large groups are available and it is recommended that you contact Dr. Petruzzelli to discuss specific needs for your group.





On-going Therapy/Counseling $100

Ongoing therapy sessions are generally 50-minutes in length and occur on a regular basis typically once a week or bi-weekly. Therapy options will be discussed during the initial appointment depending on your needs and concerns.

Ongoing therapy is an open ended approach in which we agree a weekly day and time to meet. You may or may not have a specific focus for the therapy. A more general focus would be self-exploration. A more specific focus would be problems with intimacy, or resolving the impact of a chaotic childhood on your present day activities. Ongoing therapy means that there is a regular point in space and time where you get support for just being who you are. In an increasingly busy culture, that kind of space is becoming more scarce, as is the freedom to just be and experience, without the pressure of achieving something someone else judges as useful or productive.


*If you are a non-profit, service organization and/or non-profit youth sport club or organization and want to Dr. Petruzzelli to speak/work with your group please contact her at drgloriapetruzzelli@outlook.com