• Do you have athletes who demonstrate high-conflict or difficult personalities?
  • Do you struggle to make time for your own self-care among your demanding coaching duties?
  • Would like you like additional feedback and support regarding difficult coaching decisions?
  • Do you have athletes struggling with transitioning out of sport due to injury or career change?
  • Are you feeling burnt out at specific times in the season and would like additional support?
  • Do you have athletes who struggle with developing a competitive mindset or with anxiety or who have trouble performing as well in competition as in training?
  • Do you have a difficult time finding the right balance of your personal and professional needs?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions then this service is what you may need.

Dr. Petruzzelli is excited to announce that she will be offering sport psychology consultation services specifically for athletic coaches! This confidential consultation service allows for coaches to discuss specific issues related to being a coach. This is an opportunity for coaches to get professional consultation support from a licensed clinical sport psychologist for their athletes whom may be experiencing emotional or performance issues, or for the coaches themselves who want assistance improving their own coaching style or self-care issues.

As a licensed clinical sport psychologist it is my goal to help coaches further develop skills needed for successful coaching. With advanced education and training and nearly ten years experience working with NCAA coaches and athletes, I bring specialized expertise and a depth of knowledge to understanding an athlete’s psychological, emotional and behavioral patterns. This service will go beyond basic education/advice/ tips or tools. This service will allow coaches to explore and process these issues in a more in-depth and interpersonal manner.

Here are some example themes that may be discussed (but not limited to):

  • Confidence and Mental Toughness
  • Boundary and Limit Setting with Athletes
  • Athlete Relationships, Boundaries and Trust
  • Injury Recovery (from a psychological perspective)
  • Difficult Athlete Relationships
  • Coach Burnout
  • Self-Care
  • Anxiety & Coping with Pressure/ Fear
  • Mental Health Issues in Athletes & Psychological Well-Being
  • Life After Sport
  • Managing Expectations & Perfectionism

*This is a confidential service. Confidentiality is key to building a trusting, safe, and supportive relationship. Therefore, Dr. Petruzzelli will never disclose to anyone or any entity whom she works with. While this is not therapy, Dr. Petruzzelli still adheres to all the laws and ethics as regulated by her clinical psychology licensing board.

Please contact Dr. Petruzzelli directly at: drgloriapetruzzelli@outlook.com for more details regarding one-on-one consultation.

Consultation fees are $75 per 60 minute session. Consultations can be done via Skype, phone or in-person.

To learn more about Dr. Petruzzelli’s professional background and credentials please visit: http://lifewithnolimitscoaching.com/professional-profile/