31-week AudioBlog Update: 2017 Intentions, Change and Transformation

Hey Beautiful People!IMG_1687
Sorry it’s been a while since my last update. It’s taken me some time to gather my thoughts, make space to record and upload. In this latest update, I check-in with my 2017 intentions  (since we are 10 months into year, have you checked in with yourself on them lately?) and talk about the themes of change & transformation of becoming a mother.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me. Please excuse my crackling and hoarse voice. I recorded this in the morning and pregnancy has some battling some congestion. Thanks of understanding!

Mucho Love,
Dr. G

Published by

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is clinical sport psychologist, triathlete and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sport teams across the country. She is competitive athlete herself and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family and traveling.

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