What I Learned From Getting Hit By a Car and What You Should Know in Case You Are

Excellent information that all us cyclists and triathletes need to know. Great post!

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In my seven years of cycling, I have known at least one person, every year, who was hit by a car. Lately, however, it seems like this has been happening a lot more. Just this weekend, professional triathlete Richie Cunningham was seriously injured while riding with a group outside of Boulder, CO, in what sounds like a case of driver harassment and possibly even road rage. This same weekend, one of my triathlete friends in Chico was hit by a car. In addition to them, three other teammates and acquaintances have been hit by cars in the last couple months. Some of these have been serious. One was a hit and run. As far as I know, every one of them were following the rules of the road. Cycling incidents with cars have especially personal significance for me, not just because these people are my friends and fellow athletes…

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