Be Relentless

According to Merriam-Webster the Definition of RELENTLESS is “showing or promising no abatement of severity, intensity, strength, or pace.”

This weekend I challenge you to be relentless towards your dream. Take one small step and don’t give up. When that small voice inside of you says, “I could ease up now” or “I’m tired already” or “I’ve done enough” push that little extra and prove that voice wrong. Prove to yourself that the limits are not where you “think” they are, but where  YOU decided to put them.

Push past the little bout of pain…

Push past that doubting voice…

Push past that level of complacency…

Push past all you think you are, to become all you want to be….

Keep reaching for your peak and I will see you at the top…Shine on my friends.

Published by

Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.

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