10 is a perfect number for Vineman 70.3

This morning after we had gotten home from a light swim, I let thoughts of this weekend’s race come into my mind. I started to think about how excited I get about racing “big” races like 70.3’s.  You see it’s not just the race but the ritual of racing- before, during, and after the race that gets me excited. It’s the whole nostalgia of getting to packet pick up, feeling the energy, anxiety, and excitement all in one, and knowing that everyone you around are in the same boat, at least I like to think:)

From getting your race packet and digging through it, keeping and tossing items, papers, etc. To getting that coveted race number (mine is #2123 this weekend), getting your race number is like getting a badge of honor, lots of time, money, energy, and training when into this very moment. To the morning of the race feeling jittery, ready, excited, and anxious. To race time when the horn goes off and from that moment everything’s a blur. To the finishing shute where you are IN THE CLUB and proud to rep your finishers medal. And finally, to that well-earned post-race meal of ANYTHING YOU WANT.

After thinking about all of this I reflected on how blessed I have been to be able to race in so many “big” races. This weekend will be my, and also my hubby Ken’s, 10th Half Iron distance race!  I can hardly believe it myself. I’ve done:

  • 2012  Ironman Vineman 70.3
  • 2012 Ironman California Oceanside 70.3
  • 2010; 2011; 2012 Avia Wildflower Long Course 3x
  • 2010 Barb’s Race Half-Iron
  • 2009 Ironman Kansas 70.3
  • 2008 Ironman Austin Texas 70.3
  • 2008 Redman Half Iron
  • 2008 Ironman Florida 70.3

Since it will be my 10th half-iron race, and me taking any mental confidence/encouragement I can. I found some fun “facts” about the number 10 to share:

  • In China, the numeric 10 means perfection. Which is why many Chinese planned their wedding on October 10.
  • We have ten digits on our hands, and ten is the base of our number system: the decimal system. The Roman symbol for ten is X, perhaps representing two crossed hands.
  • According to the Bible virgins come in tens: five foolish and five wise. (Huh, didn’t know. How about that?!)
  • Ten implies completeness of order, nothing lacking and nothing over. It signifies that the cycle is complete and that everything is in its proper order. Thus ten represents the perfection of divine order.
  • Ten is the first of the triangular numbers which has a center. The progression of triangular numbers continues on to infinity.
  • Of the four “perfect numbers” (3,7,10,12) the symbolism of ten – ordinal perfection is the only perfection that natural humans can even approach. Ordinal perfection, as symbolized by the number ten stands out as linked with the natural, the carnal (of the flesh, as our ten fingers literally are) and the world, and yet still perfect.
  • In the past the Roman year had only ten months, beginning in March and finishing in December. The Romans divided these lunar months into three parts which they called calends, nones and “ides”.
  • For Pythagoras, 10 was the symbol of the universe and it also expressed the whole of human knowledge.
  • For  the Mayas, it represents the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. The ten was regarded as being the number of the life and the death.

Interesting stuff huh?! I’ll take it.

We’ll be off to Vineman tomorrow and I wish myself and all the athletes traveling a safe journey and safe race on Sunday. So can’t close this entry without including some mental motivation:

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Dr. Gloria Petruzzelli

Dr. Petruzzelli is a clinical sport psychologist, triathlete, and certified mindfulness meditation teacher located in Sacramento, California. She works with elite athletes and sports teams across the country. She is a competitive athlete and enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her family, and traveling.

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