Dr. Petruzzelli supports busy professionals and athletes who are on the go with confidential online consultation and teletherapy. Dr. Petruzzelli specializes in athlete mental health and understands the demands of balancing sport and other aspects of life.

Dr. Petruzzelli uses online video conferencing software designed for doctors, so you are assured convenience, privacy and most of all, HIPPA compliance. Dr. Petruzzelli’s expertise allows her to provide Telehealth services in sport psychology consultation, mental skills training, and individual counseling and therapy, using reliable, secure high-quality video tools. The teletherapy appointments can take place almost anywhere. They only require a good phone signal or internet connection and a computer or mobile device with a camera and speakers.

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*Currently Dr. Petruzzelli only works with adults (age 18 years or older) and is self-pay, therefore she does not accept insurance.

The Reasons Teletherapy Is Effective:

  • First, people miss fewer appointments because of the convenience factor, so they reap the rewards of regular attendance.
  • For some people, they need to build up to being vulnerable in close physical space with another person. Teletherapy is a great therapeutic intervention for developing the ability to relate more openly and honestly. Start with teletherapy and work up to face-to-face interaction.

The Benefits of Teletherapy:

  • Flexible: Scheduling Options. It’s easier to find a time to meet and change/reschedule an appointment.
  • Technology Options: Choose phone or webcam.
  • Convenient: Schedule Online and conduct a session from wherever you are! Great for working families, professionals, and stay at home parents.
  • No Commute: Save money, time and the earth. Without having to get in a car save time and help out the planet.
  • Anonymity: Your therapist knows who you are and uses secure Hipaa compliant video chat designed for therapists so you really are able to have a private online meeting.

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